Student-Centered Teaching
Tom McCook
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i didn't just like this, i loved it and have added it to my very short list of absolute favourite classes. SO much to absorb, will be watching over and over. Hope to catch you in person some day! inspiring stuff
Fascinating ! Thank you.
I enjoyed this so much, - you are simply wonderful, Tom, - motivating assuring and inspiring! Thank You!!!
GREAT information. So true "We only teach what we know" Thank you for this wonderful time of information and teaching.
merci, very inspiring and helpful
This was fantastic, Tom! I really enjoy your tutorials, as your teaching style really resonates with me. I'm fascinated by everything you talked about, and as Claire mentioned above, I, too, could listen to you all day long Can't wait for your next class. Thanks again!
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Tom McCook - I felt like I just experienced a Master Class in Awareness of Teaching. I found so much of what you suggested to be so valuable! I will watch this again with a split screen and a word document up for note taking. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise!
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Happy to hear this tutorial resonated with you Michael, Summer, Sabine, Vicki and all who found value. I appreciate the opportunity to support sensibility in our profession and teaching experience. Thank you Pilates Anytime!
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Very very useful informations. All of them! Thank you so much for the sharing.
Please continue to bring more of your videos to share with us. Excellent. Thank you very much, very interesting and very helpfull
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