Reformer for Flexibility<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3374

Reformer for Flexibility
Tracey Mallett
Class 3374

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Kate A
love this!! great stretching workout 
I love this class!   It's a fantastic stretch and a great compliment to my spin classes.
Zhanna S
Great class! Love it and can definitely use it for my beginner clients.
Katie M
Loved this!  I actually did feel taller after.  This is one of my favourites to date and I will remember to often come back to this one often.
Katie M
I like doing this class every 10 days, it's like a reset for my body.  Thanks!
Thank you, Tracey, for this feel great, lovely flexibility session. Much appreciated:) 
Suzana L
I love Tracy and this class. Great stretch class after a more intense class.  Are there other reformer stretch classes that i can explore???
Catherine W
I *loved* this class, it's perfect for a lovely stretch either post-intense workouts or on active rest days or just because! :) I appreciate the mermaid variation, will definitely be using for clients who experience discomfort with the more traditional version. THANK YOU so much Tracey, I so enjoy your classes and your positive energy!
Feyza S
I had back pain before that lovely class. It was great. Thank you!❤️
What a nice way to wake up on a "stiff" day!  I loved the combination of stretching and strengthening!  I will be doing this one regularly!
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