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Gia Calhoun
Class 3415

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Gia Calhoun, You teach me so much every day we get to work together. Taking your class tonight in my hotel room was just what I needed. It also taught me how powerful straightforward clear cueing is. I am inspired and look forward to more experiencing more of your teaching. Thank you!
That was beautifully taught... thank you!
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This felt really really good!
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Very calming and therapeutic to both my body and mind. Thank you. Look forward to using it during my summer travels!
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I'll probably do this one a million times. I love it!
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That was awesome & felt great! Thanks Gia!
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Beautiful class and you are so charismatic! I love your flow and precision. I wish to watch more classes with you.
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I haven't been traveling, but I have been snuggling a sick baby for the last weekend and this class was perfect to give me a little pick me up today! Love how you ease through movements. Lovely class, thank you Gia!
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More Gia Calhoun please!!!!
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Thank you Gia. Lovely class. Clear cues and calm voice and so spot on. I have been traveling long haul plus found little time for pilates so this was a perfect class. It's going in my favourites and will be my go-to class for a while!
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