Mat for Traveling
Gia Calhoun
Class 3415

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This is a beautiful class I love the calm peaceful cueing and movements against the backdrop of stormy waves out the window. A haven in the storm.
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Just a perfect workout for stretching, strengthening, and energizing. I love these 30 minute matt classes! Thanks, Gia!
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Very nice.
Thank you all again! It means so much that you enjoyed my class!
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Really beautiful 💕 Thank you so muchGia Calhoun} xxx
Thank you so much Mickie!
Super lovely class!!! Great cueing!!
Gave me some very helpful ideas for my beginner classes.
Thanks a lot!!
Thank you Claudia! I'm glad you liked it!
I loved this, Gia Calhoun! I'm making a habit of always bringing a small mat and the overball along when I travel and this workout is sooo delish! Also love your calm and easy-going style and will definitely look for more of your workouts :)
Oh gosh, I wrote in my post that I'm gonna look for more Gia Calhoun workouts - but there aren't any! This needs to be fixed!! :) And I would also love some recommendations for classes/teachers with a similar vibe, if anyone can think of any. Thanks again :)
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