Traditional Mat Flow
Adrianne Crawford
Class 3445

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Nice and clean. Straight fwd
Thank you
Loved this! So nice to do traditional pilates, love your cueing and focus!
Great for video for an everyday busy schedule love it
This class has left me feeling strong while the tightness in my back is released. Thank you Adrienne
Can we have a winter version?
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Love it for days when I want to exercise but motivation to commit to anything more than 20 minutes is sparse. Some is better than none I say and so when the world is getting me down, this one is a go to for me.
Adrianne does a brilliant job and delivers in short time. Imagine you have to be somewhere in a short hour, you want a class and have 15 minutes to get it in. Adrianne expertly guides you through an energizing mat class with precision. Excellent class. Thank you.
No bling needed! Direct- love it!  Also need this now- I am writing this during the Corona Virus crisis so I will use this each evening to clear the day & perhaps the morning as well to start the day. Provides great grounding during this unprecedented & unpredictable time. Thank you.
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