Hip Hip Hooray
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3457

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You're a delight Niedra Gabriel - thank you for this fantastic series! xo
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Ann ~ We have links to some of the balls that Niedra uses in the Tips for Success video. I hope this helps!
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Thank you for all the informations!
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Hi Niedra! I love, love, love this series and am repeating it for the 3rd time to prepare for a renewed pilates practice and revitalized life in the New Year. I'm remembering a question I had the first couple of times as I searched back through the series to see if I'd missed your technique for releasing my most bound-up spots, the IT Bands! I couldn't find it, so I started adding a sort of swishing motion on the cantaloupe-sized ball while seated in the mermaid position, which helps a little, but if you have a more effective IT Band technique, I'd love to know it! Thanks!
Hi Casey , thank you for your comment and so glad you are enjoying this series. Yes, there is more than was filmed so IT band may have been skipped ( only 20 minutes per segment) you can take a medium ball, either ball can work, and work your way down the IT band, on your side, pausing as you move down, and rolling back and forth ( towards thigh and then hamstrings ) to decongest the attachments. and just keep moving down the leg and lengthening the body.
hope this helps,
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Thank you so much, Neidra. I'll try it right now! Thanks for being a wonderful instructor. I always look forward to sessions with you.
Oh yes, needed this. Glutues medius 'hello'!! (and quite painful). I think the reason I took up Pilates in the first place was as an antedote to sitting at a desk for long periods. This is a definite 'revisit' session for me. Just laying with the ball in the front of the hip really felt good. Hopefully a daily practice of this will help enormously. Thankyou.
That was delicious and perfect for winding down and a good nights rest now. Thank you.
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wow! that made a huge difference - thank you Niedra!
This is really helpful, and a series to be repeated regularly.  
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