Foundational Mat 5
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3500

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So good!
LOVE! Can't get enough of the KRN...Queen of nasty!!! Do more please!!! 😙
Tina Tricomi LOL THANK YOU!! there are three mats after this one to come! Thank you for your support!!!!!!
samantha Thank you!
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Wooo! I'd probably peg that as a solid level 2 for the challenge, but 1/2 for the great cueing and discipline for principles. I loved this and know I need more foundation work. Thanks, KRN!
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LOVE!!! Very inspiring and nuff respect to KRN to cue so well while demonstrating...

So good to be reminded of the links between exercises and how 'The Method' builds whole body strength progressively - really keeps the brain engaged and focused. Discovered some of my own cheats doing that 3o min class ... !
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Excellent - thank you great cues ! really gained a lot from this as an instructor
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For the uninitiated ...a KRN 1/2 class is not like any other 1/2. You may be wondering if you are in the wrong room during the first 5 minutes of this class! If you REALLY want to understand her strength just try talking (never mind giving clear detailed cues and instruction) while doing this program. I so appreciated "seeing" how the teaser is present throughout all my Pilates exercises...I hope this will make that particular exercise a little less threatening now. Thanks!
Kandie - try the 4 classes before this to build to this class. The classes are created to develop you. Once you master one move to the next. I hope this helps!!!
Julia I love your picture! Thanks for the kind words! Yes- speaking an exacting is a challenge for sure!
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