Athletic Reformer Layering
Erika Quest
Class 3535

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YEAH Bonnie thank YOU for taking the session with me. Have so much fun! Much love, Erika
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I love this! All of your videos are my favorites. This is nice option not having a box to go get. Thanks for such fantastic balanced classes with great energy it makes time fly! Your instruction is so clear, especially equipment set up and I appreciate that I don’t have to constantly look at the screen to follow along.
Please do more Bosu Reformer classes!!! Aloha!!
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Erika loved this! Super fun. Great class 😄
Super Lauren Thank you SO much for your thoughts and comment. Glad you enjoyed and much love, Erika
Hey Mel W Thanks so much for the awesome comments and thoughts. SO glad you could just turn away and do the session along with me. I try REALLY hard to make sure we stay on count and even on everything, so appreciate you noticing. I will definitely take note of more BOSU for next time for sure. A popular topic with PA members and my work. Much love, Erika
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This White girl can’t jump😉 but I loved the Theraband on the reformer and the springless stuff! Thx
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As always a great class. Thanks for your creativity!
HA Melanie you gave me a chuckle on this comment. Jumping optional, girl! I got you! Thanks for taking class with me! Much love, Erika
Lu-Anne Great to hear from you and thank YOU for taking class! Much love, Erika
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So much fun!!! Loved it and gave me so many ideas too
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