Athletic Reformer Layering
Erika Quest
Class 3535

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Brigitte Garten Tellam Awesome, Bee! Coming from you that's a huge compliment, Miss creativity! xoxo
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Beautiful! I’ve been waiting for you to come back. I feel amazing and worked up a good sweat. Thank you for your creativity and realness. I love working out with you!
SO GREAT Chelsi I'm glad we had an awesome workout together! This was a super fun one to DO and teach at the same time. I was pumped and pooped. Love working out with you, too! Much love, Erika
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Great workout. Loved the creativity you bring to the class. I'm stealing some of those plank moves!
Hey Barbara Thanks for taking class with me and totally my pleasure! Steal away and have loads of fun. Much love, Erika
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Fun, creative, and challenging. Thanks for your fabulous instruction and energy.
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Hi Erika Quest ! I love your classes! Keep them coming! A question about an exercise in your warm up . For the first balance exercise should you try to keep the support leg and spine straight as you bring finger tips to the floor? Is it a hinge exercise or are you flexing the spine?
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Love your energy
This was amazing! Thank you!
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so fun and creative! thank you
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