Mobilizing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3550

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Great class! perfect for my back this morning! Thank you YOU!
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Loved this class! Really helped my tight back today. This is my favorite ball to use. I just love it!! Thank you:)
Thanks so much!
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Now that was fun, thank you Meredith. I will be passing on that lovely mermaid to my clients this week x
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BALL you. Meredith Rogers you amaze and inspire me. xoxo bex
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I always like playing balls...easy and smooth class...thank you Meredith
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Thank you Meredith Rogers ,very much enjoyed the class, love the fluidity and gentleness in this class.
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Fantastic - great for my scoliosis with lots of rotation and lateral flexion
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Exceptional. Deep, confidence-building movement. I love this one!
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super yummy. great job as always
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