High-Energy Mat
Julian Littleford
Class 357

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LOVE this class! Thank you!
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Awesome class. Excellently cued. Looking forward to repeating. Love his style.
Challenging, no nonsense movement. Loved it! Thank you!
Thanks for this class! Nice challenge, nice pace!
thank you very much for a wonderful class. very good instructions, easy to follow. please give us more classes. god bless. blanche.
totally going to share the rolling like a ball variations with Pilates students and other instructors! :) They are awesome!
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Your students make this seem so easy, but WOW it's challenging. You are certainly a gifted instructor. Love the pace, instruction and passion you have for Pilates!
Good one! Thank you!
Fantastic class. Lots of new variations with great sequencing of the moves.
Loved this workout! Very challenging!
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