Stabilize and Mobilize Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3577

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Delicious! This is a great beginning to any morning! Thank you!
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This was my first class on pilates anytime and was great. My studio recently got rid of their mat and floor work in favor of equipment and it just isn't the same. Thanks Amy for a great introduction!
Thank you Michelle! And Marie -- this was your first class?!! Welcome to PA, this is so exciting! Thank you for choosing me to take class with first, what a compliment! I love the floor/mat work and understand what you're saying here. Equipment is also wonderful, but there's nothing like the simplicity of the floor!
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Thank you Amy Havens! Really enjoyed this anything with the foam roller, and your serenity and flow was exactly what I needed. More like this please!
Thank you Kerry, glad you enjoyed this class! I really appreciate your sincere feedback!
Aaaaahhhhh.... Thoracic spine needed this today Amy! Now ready to go to College and give agood massage to one of my fellow students in Aromatherapy lab. Thank you xxx
That was such a wonderful class after a long day of sitting!!! Thank you, Amy.
This was a really good workout for my back.
Loved it, worked out the kinks.
So I had my four year old on his foam roller during this so wasnt my most productive class BUT it was a lovely start to the day!
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