Reformer Strap Flow
John Garey
Class 3582

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I loved the unilateral exercises on the box! Will be doing this again, thanks for sharing John!!
More like this, please, John! I am doing the class for the second time bc I liked it so much!
Thank you jhon excellent class💪👏
Awesome class and I love it, I’ll add crossed strap ( FIS) to my class today. Thank you John!
Always love your classes, John but this one was a particular favorite! So creative and worked the parts of me that needed working. Thanks!!
Challenging, creative and fun!
A-mazing....can't wait to share on the reformer & on the tower!!!! Maybe even on the mat with some light weights & resistance band. rockon!
Loved this class! Can't wait to try it. Thank you
Ripper 👍
Always awesome John 😎
Thanks heaps for the great ideas 💙
Really like this one!!! thanks John
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