Day 1: Active Flexibility
Tracey Mallett
Class 3590

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I try and balance mat with barre work, so 30 minutes was perfect for me. I had fun, sweated, and feel better. Thanks Tracey:) 
Thank you Tracey for a barre introduction. I have been doing pilates for many years. I enjoyed this but felt very clumsy! You make all the movements look so graceful.
Looking forward to tomorrows session. Judith
Second time I've done this and it's uneven. You forgot to do both sides in a few of the exercises. Either that or there was no cueing to move to the 2nd side. 
First time trying Barre and I enjoyed it. Working my legs felt very good. Looking forward to day 2. Thank you Tracey and Happy New Year from Long Island, NY.
Thanks a lot Tracey, this fusion pilates/ ballet is ideal to me and you got it so light and beautiful. Happy und healthy New Year for you!
So good for my replaced hip 8 years ago. Many times I experience some stiffness in the muscles around, but this is definitely a cure! Thank you!
Lovely routine. Thank's :)
I really enjoyed this, 30 minutes is a great way spent moving the body, looking forward to Day 2 of the Challenge ;) 
I loved it.  I teach Barre and have wanted to add more Pilates.  This has great ideas.  I am looking forward to the rest of the challenge.  Thanks Tracey!
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