Pilates Mat and Gait
Tom McCook
Class 3629

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So enjoyed this challenge. The second time I found it flowed better. Great new year's moves for my classes. Thanks Tom :)
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Tom you inspire me every time! Fantastic class. My body feels so much looser and better!
Thank you Karyn, Jan and Aine! Great to hear you all enjoyed the class, are feeling the benefits and you're taking the time to get in your practice!! All the best!
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Incredibly refreshing, wonderfully insightful, delightfully engaging. Tom McCook you are an utter joy to listen too and learn from. T H A N K Y O U for sharing your skills.
Thank you Jennifer for your kind words! Really happy to hear you found this useful and satisfying!! All the best to you!!
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Awesome Thank You
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The astute, soothing genius that is [Tom McCook], ladies and gentlemen! Magnifique! When I grow up I wanna be just as wise and discerning. 🤓
Thank you Ewa and mbrown! Happy to hear you appreciate the new offering! Best wishes to you both!
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Love the ideas, pity about the equipment requirements.
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Well that felt amazing. Did a ski tour this morning with a heavy load on my back and this was the perfect workout to counter the tight feet, hips and shoulders I got post ski! Thank you for a lovely class Tom. Your work is very inspiring!! :)
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