The Cervical Powerhouse<br>Cara R. & Jeremy L.<br>Workshop 3660

The Cervical Powerhouse
Cara R. & Jeremy L.
Workshop 3660

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Dear Silke, we are so glad you like the workshop and found it valuable. We do teach the other ranges of motion in our full live course. Time is limited for these courses with Pilates Anytime so we just focused on flexion and extension for this course.
Thank you so much for this, so necessary and I love all the correlations that it provides to the whole body. So with this in mind Cara, I wonder how you cue the rest of the body (active or passive) as you are having the client work the neck movements particularly in prone and supine?
Additionally Jeremy talked about a book "Aches and Pains", more info on that please.

Hi Kathryn! "Aches and Pains" is a 3-volume set of books by the physiotherapist Louis Gifford. The books are composed of lectures he gave,  are concerned with the biology of pain as well as treatment strategies for people in pain. 
Cara and Jeremy!  I want to thank you for this wonderful, clear, concise and detailed workshop on the cervical powerhouse.  This workshop is truly invaluable to me and I am excited to start teaching this way with my clients.  After 20 years of teaching and practicing Pilates I feel I finally have a clear understanding of the head and neck in neutral and the breakdown of the movement in all ranges of motion.  Invaluable!!! Thank you!  And one last your sense of humor Cara!  I am still laughing at your explanation of a client incapable of controlling their head coming up from extension. :)  Someday I want a private with you so I can make sure my body is doing all of this correctly.  ;)
Tammy I'm glad you found the workshop useful! Hope to meet you in person some day!
Thank you Cara and Jeremy, love your workshops, I have been watching them over and over.  Looking forward to meeting you in person.
Hai Bin Thanks for watching! I look forward to meeting you too!
Wow, oh wow! This was a fantastic workshop. During this time of "Stay Home, Stay Safe" in our country, I'm turning to many different online workshops to enhance my teaching skills. Thank you so much Jeremy and Cara for bringing us a taste of Movement Science Made Simple. I've been wanting to take the KGHT in Denver the last couple of years, but haven't been able to for a host of reasons. This workshop allows me a peek at your MSMS workshops too. I will be signing up for more, both online and in person when we can. Thank you!!
Ginny Massie Thank you for the nice comment! I'm glad you found the workshop useful. Hopefully all our lives will return to normal soon and we'll get to see you in person, either in Denver or somewhere else. Take care!
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