Foam Roller Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3696

Foam Roller Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3696

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Michele M
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Wow that was definitely amazing practice. I tuned into my left side like crazy and loved that pelvic floor support and that one last stretch! Awesome practice and thank you Meredith and Ladies!
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Lovely flow, great for opening the hips and mobilizing the spine. Thanks for a wonderful class!
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Just loved this. Felt like I worked out and had a massage. Meredith you continue to Rock!!!
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Loved this too! Love the cue of imagining clothes away from body. Thank you!
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Lovely, just what I needed :)
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Oh how awesome that felt. I brace for the cramping whenever I do bridges on the roller but that suffering makes it fun. :) A really great challenge with some amazing stretching on the roller. Loved it!
My whole body feels so good after this!
Thank you Meredith for this relaxing class!! You made my Sunday morning even more relaxing!! ❤️
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Thank you Meredith! Really enjoyed this class. Adding props to the mat routines brings variety and an additional challenge to the practice. Great duration and pace.
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If you need to learn how to speak don't ask me- so funny. Thank you so much, I loved this class!:)
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