Mat Biotensegrity<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3699

Mat Biotensegrity
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3699

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Elizabeth, as usual, sequences that seem so simple in choreography, for lack of better word, yet pack a powerful connection. I kept thinking about John Sharkey's words where he talks about the important, vital connection of the upper limbs, hands, to the feet. This was evident throughout. This can give anyone a great jumping off point in which to further explore. Thanks so much for all your personal explorations and sharing them with all of us.
Iā€™m with you Lynn in applying principles of Biotensegrity that I learn from John Sharkey to movement practices. Looking forward to the Biotensegrity Vancouver conference end of March 2019!
Wonderful class!
Thank you Elizabeth for this wonderful class. It was full of "ah ha" moments that add to my love of what our bodies can do. Thank you for bringing your insight and gifts of movement to Pilates Anytime!
Elisabeth, just to let you know: this Biotensegrity Work seems to not only awake new body-brain connections (though this alone would be great enough!) but to have healing effects too. At least it had healing effects on my back.
Back to the beginning: by exploring new movements 4 weeks ago, the next day I felt my back achy ( probably having done wrong ;( ). Restrictions and pain were very persistent and limited my normal training. I paused, did a lot of relaxing-work, Boney-work, warm smartspine-work, but as soon as tried to load the area conditions aggravated. As finally I considered a spine blockade might be the reason for the tenacity of the hardly adressable restrictions, I thought fascia-focused movements might help and tried your new classes: VIIP1 and Biotensegrity Mat..... and the Amazing happened: my back is free - is able to tolerate and transfer load again. Thank you, Elisabeth!
to be continued:
I wondered if it might be due to the engaging and involving large areas of the neuromyofascial system and addressing the whole -body continuity that could have had an "opening" effect on the body.....
"pulling and pushing" might provide new space, so that the spine can stack back in place again? Whatever happened, it is great to feel back home in my body again.
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Always hated the rings after early experience made me feel they stopped any movement at all happening in the body. (Heavy immovable rings, antique models!) So this workshop completely changed my mind, giving rise so many movement opportunities . Thank you for your originality Elizabeth.
Erin O
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Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I'm taking your workshop in Asheville in May, and really looking forward to it! :)
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This was very intriguing, thank you Elizabeth!
Erin, it will be wonderful to be with you soon in Asheville. šŸ™šŸ’ššŸ’–
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