Out of Alignment Mat
Juan Nieto
Class 3762

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i absolutely loved this class. i was hesitant to do it since i wanted a straight up pilates class today. then i decided to have an open mind and just go with the challenges. i had so much fun! got me out of control and into fun land .  i feel happy and light afterwards . thank you juan!! 
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Este Juan es un Fenomeno! Me encanta su forma de enfocar las clases, como un juego y a la vez con movimientos naturales y conscientes. Nuestros alumnos siempre te lo agradecen, gracias Juan. Un Besote
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I was surprised how warm I got  taking this class. Glad I read Alison's comment (y lo de Koko también)  to motivate me. 
Really fun. A proprioception work out - my mind feels refreshed.
Juan is a revolutionary and amazing human.  Thank you Juan!!!
Thanks so much Alison Lloyd for getting out of your comfort zone and let you explore something different. Glad you had fun! 🙏
Gracias Kiko Maestro!
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Thanks Joni, as soon as we move away from our usual alignment, things start warming up, especially your brain. Thanks so much for watching.
Thanks so much Kathy for watching the video.
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Look who's talking Christi Idavoy! love you my sister. 
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