Tower for Upper Body
Amy Havens
Class 3772

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Great class, Amy! I love your creativity. My hips feel open now, and so do my shoulders! Thank you.
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uhhlala Amy.., just added this to my "favourite classes" - list! loved every minute, - so many new ideas! thank you!!
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Fantastic upper body . . . . my shoulders feel great!  Thanks you :)
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Nice full body workout - really enjoyed it!
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Thanks Amy that was great. Loved the 2 different hip openers. 
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Amy  this class was absolutely fabulous! Loved the pull-ups off of the end of the tower!  And I’m so happy that I can print the class notes! I’m going to be teaching this next week. Thank you for another great class! 
You have the best arm variations! I've done pull-ups using the pull up bar, lying under it. I really like the pull-ups with the tower! Thank you!
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Loooooved this class Amy! As always. Thanks A LOT :)))
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Such a nice workout. Thanks.
Fantastica clase , como todas tus clases. gracias
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