Tower for Upper Body
Amy Havens
Class 3772

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Terrific class- thank you Amy
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I really liked the single arm press side lying I’ve never done anything like that before and I think it’s very important to be able to work and isolate those muscles for sure! Also the punches with the steady hips and ribs were great 
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Yay!!!! Some tower work!!!
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Amazing class, love the single arm series kneeling and standing!
So many variations for shoulder girdle exercises. I especially enjoyed your pull up stretches on the frame. My clients need the reminders to breathe. The pacing was perfect for beginners!
Thank you Kathleen Henry !!
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Just what I needed! Hip opener with buffing up my arms and abs!

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Best tower flow I’ve taken in a long time! Wonderful movements and stretches combined with deep muscle work! 
Yes Cynthia LuHu, get your arm buffing and hip opening going!!  Thank you so much Alexandra !!!  Yay, so happy you gals enjoyed this workout!
Amy I love your cues and flow of class! Love this class.

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