Roly Poly Mat
Cara Reeser
Class 3823

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I loved this class - Caras teaching is excellent, fun to watch and each detail she says is so important for each exercise. I've learned so much, observed so many details and will implement them into my own teaching. I also love the flow and pace of the class. Thank you Cara!
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Love your cueing, loved the challenge of head stand - thank you Cara!
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Your classes are always fun and challenging! Your headstand was amazing!!! your teaching style :)
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What can I say...Cara nails it again!  Awesome class!  Had to look up a roly poly bug as I did not know what I looked like!  That you sweet Cara!  
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“Your eyes are in your head!!!” I love you. I may need to borrow that. 🙏
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Great class as always, Cara! I remember you talking about "not stepping on" the roly poly bugs during the Heritage Training. Haha. Love the image of the bugs for these movements throughout the class. See you in Nov. in FL! Xo
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Una genia !!!
Love love LOVE this class! You always inspire me to be more creative with the advanced matwork! Feels great to have fun with it too. Thank you, Cara 🙏🏻
Amazing and lovely class. Cara you have the hability to come out of the PC. You are my best teacher!
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