Roly Poly Mat
Cara Reeser
Class 3823

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thats was awesome. I went in to headstand. love it.
Love this class, open so much m'y lower back ans thanks for encouraging the headstand, without being a yoga personne its scary to go there, love the idéal to let the up leg carry the low one ! 
Wonderful class; great cues!
Perfect. Finding the courage to do something scary...specially right now! Thank you Cara
Big fan of Pilates and Yoga and love when they are combined as Cara does in this class. I like to transition from crow-into-headstand, and found crab-into-headstand a fun variation. Good class energy. Thanks Cara:) 
This was amazing! The cueing was so helpful, and I loved feeling accomplished with the headstand variation at the end. I think this is exactly what my sore neck muscles need to gain strength.
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