Rotator Cuff Phrasing
Lesley Powell
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Super informative and I can't wait to have a go at the homework and share them with my clients!!
I would like see a demonstration of rotator cuff's role during planks and pushups. Thank you for this informative tutorial!

This is immensely helpful for some chronic rotator cuff pain I've been dealing with. Thank you so much, Lesley! It is also so wonderful to hear mention of Irene Dowd. Would love to see some of her somatic work involving spirals on Pilates Anytime. 💛
Hopefully when the pandemic resides, I would love Irene to see on this site.  Here is her website with free material:
Rajashree Srirangarajan Since these are such dynamic movements, the most important thing is trying to find how the humerus bone is centered in the socket.  I keep looking at the phrasing of the shoulder girdle bones.  If the scapula is in downward rotation in the plank,  the rotator cuff phrasing is not going to work well.
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