Detailed and Profound Mat
Madeline Black
Class 388

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wonderful instruction....thank you. What an honor!
This class is a treasure...can't wait to practice some of the cueing for my own classes. Thank you!
Great teaching - thank you
Loved this class. I'm soo glad I joined this site.
Madeline's work with Eve shines through as does her deep understanding of fascia! Been of fan of Madeline for many years now! Hope she will be back this year!
Angel, Madeline taught for us last weekend. She taught a great workshop and a Mat class relating to Supporting the arms. It will take bit of time before she is up on the site again, but she in fact is going to be represented again on the site this year! Did you see her great spread in this months Pilates Style Magazine? She is awesome!
Phenomenal cueing and pace! Really allowed for lengthened support through the fascial lines and deep core control! Thanks for the opportunity to take a class led by Madeline! I took a class with her in Toronto last year and I'm so glad to be able to hear her fantastic instructions again! Thanks for making this possible! Loved her hip workshop too!
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Love the cuing...wonderfull class. Thank you!
This was great but it wasnt Madeline it was someone else and we did pilates to music! Great tho!!
Jeanne ~ I'm not sure what you mean? Was this the class you wanted to comment on?

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