Mobilizing Garuda Flow<br>James D'Silva<br>Class 3952

Mobilizing Garuda Flow
James D'Silva
Class 3952

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Fantastic workout James is an amazing teacher, so creative and challenging 👍👍
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wonderful, very beautiful class. thanks
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LOVED this class.  More from James, please!
Cleo K
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Very inspiring!! Felt great after the class. Thank you James.
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Breathe of fresh air. Fab class
My brain and body are tingling with joy!! What a special teacher you are James. This is a magical movement experience. Thank you
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Love this!  Can’t wait to try it with my men’s class!  Thank you!
Antonio I
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Grandissimo! Sempre innovativo
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Finally, James om Pilates anytime) !! I love Garuda pilates! Please more
Judith H
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in my head and heart I am screaming with joy and delight. THIS was so marvelous. I cant wait to see a follow up video.
Obviously the movement is delicious but the language used is worth gold, enhancing the motion even further. So much respect for the creativity. thank you.
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