Garuda Mat Flow
James D'Silva
Class 3953

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Excellent very very useful and it’s got very nice yogic vibe
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I will be practicing this for awhile, creative, complex and enlightening, thank you!
So innovative! I really appreciate your  creative language. No heat-and-serve cueing here!
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What a pleasure  to see James,movement magician.Thank you
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finally!! James D'Silva... love his work. Having done his class 16 years ago in London. He is still an inspirational teacher. Thank you. 
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I had no idea that this is exactly what I needed! I feel completely cleansed, a ringing out from every joint to every corner of my being ;>)) The meditation at the end was the spiritual cherry on top. Thank you, James.
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I am now officially obsessed by this Garuda Method and James DaSilva. Pilates Anytime, please post one of his foam roller workouts or something on the reformer and other mat classes. My body feels so open and fluid after his workouts. Wonderful.
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Garuda is always a celebration of movement. I loved the special attention to the extremities. 
Thanks James for a wonderful class 
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I've been secretly wondering when James was going to teach on PilatesAnytime... and here he is!! Soooo happy :D 
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