Garuda Mat Flow
James D'Silva
Class 3953

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I would love to find some more mat class with James 
So great, really helpful for those of us who work at desks :)
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I love him! One of the best teachers in the world. More of him on this site please!
This 80 minute class is brilliant!  So many hidden treasures in each move. Its like you are doing a pilates, yoga, dance, melt, meditation, pranayama  and a Martial Arts class all in each sequence.  Thank You James!
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Love the video but the hands part should have been filmed a little closer. For us watching from a smartphone screen it's not easy to see his hands
How to take this class:  (1) Listen (2) Just try it (3) Watch again if you loved it.  Have you ever been rolling about in a mat class and thought, "What if I kept going/reaching this way?"  James's choreography allows you to keep going, reaching, arcing fully -- fingers to toes, brushing through the air around you.
Loved this class! Planning to repeat it  over and over for a better understanding of all the different nuances it brings.  Thank you, James!
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