Grab Your Partner Reformer
Erika Quest
Class 3971

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Thank you so much for this concept. I teach a couple where one has cognitive limitations and am always looking for partner work. This could be fantastically helpful.
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Fun, partner work on reformer that I've never seen before. Love the partner twist and extension at the end.
HK You are welcome and so glad you enjoyed!!! This will definitely help your clients THINK and have fun while doing it. Much love, Erika
Lori M Thank you, Lori! I just love working in partners during sessions as it adds an element of connection and working together. Much love, Erika
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Lovely Erika!  Colorful! Fun, innovative and creative, great stuff as always!! Miss ya!
Jill You're so sweet to leave a comment and glad you enjoyed. I miss you too and thanks for taking class with Nico and I. Much love and I'm sure I'll see you in 2020, Erika
Such great ideas. And fun! Can’t wait to try this out with some of my clients. I might even drag my kids up to the studio to have a play! Thank you!
Sara You will love it, your kids and clients will too! I often am a partner with one of my clients in many of these, and it's a great way to move, interact, connect and so much more. Hope to see you in 2020. Much love, Erika
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That was super fun! Thanks for creativity and sharing! :) 
Jennifer Woohoo! Awesome, Jennifer. You're welcome and big thanks to Pilates Anytime for letting me get creative and share with you. Much love, Erika
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