Magic Circle Mat
Julie Driver
Class 3979

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Loved the different ways to use the circle!  Thank you for a great class! (I also enjoyed the giggles and the realness of getting into positions). :). Happy New Year!
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Loved this class! Time passed so quickly. Yep. The giggles were the best.
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Delightful!  Thank you, Julie. Very intelligent use of the circle in classical exercises.
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Really enjoyed this class with the creative ways of using circle to help enhance the traditional mat work. Well taught with cute giggles. Thank you
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Cindy Thank you so much for watching and I'm glad you enjoyed the class! I've a feeling some of the outakes may end up in a blooper reel!
Terrip88* I think this was the most I've ever laughed while filming this! SO glad you enjoyed it!
Mj  Thank you for your feedback, it is always good to know that a class is enjoyable! 

Beverly Thanks Beverly, so glad you enjoyed it!
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Fun and thorough...great class with fin variations that enhance and support spinal connections 
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Such creative variations! Loved this!
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