Athletic Wunda Chair
Maria Leone
Class 3997

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Chair class was so worth it! Thanks Maria
Awesome chair class, thanks!
Excellent  relaxed conversational cueing!  Love this flowing "power" chair!  I have some yogis in class who have been working on abdominal engagement for hand stands... this class will be perfect for them.  Thank you Maria!
Wow, what a wonderful routine!  So creative and flowing.  I'm headed to the studio to try it out! 
I have been away from this site and so glad to see you offering a chair class.  Love your teaching style and cues. Cannot wait to try this!
OMG - This was hard, fun, fast paced and gave me so much to aspire to.  Thank you.
Just got back on Pilates Anytime today after years of a break. This was my first video back and I fell in love with this Chair workout Maria. Would love more like this!!!!
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