Playful Mat Flow
Brett Howard
Class 4000

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Love it! Thank you, Brett!
you are really wonderful :)
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Hello Joseph Hubertus Pilates!  It is always good to see a class from you Brett! 
Is that hip walk from Kevin Wynn? :) 
Marvellous class! Delicious cocktail of wonderful exercises and variations! Thank you
The best!
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Lots of fun! I admit I laughed a few times ....especially when the mallet broke. I love that the camera kept rolling just like a real class you keep going! Great workout for the body and spirit.
I love the hand/arm choreography with the butt walks. So fun!!! Thank you 😊!
I find this a wonderful class, but does this exist also for level 1 ?
thank you !
Absolutely loved this class, great new fun variations! This has given me some ideas for next weeks class plans, thank you Brett!
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