Playful Mat Flow
Brett Howard
Class 4000

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Lovely !!! Thank you 
Fabulous class, well instructed! Really enjoyed it. 😊❤️Thank you. 
Nothing new !!!! 
So much fun!  Thank you!
What a wonderful class! I had so much fun and worked hard!
Génial...créative...and fun...thank you brett
Love this class. Thank you. I can take very a lot from this lessons.
Thank you for a great mat class.  I love how you keep the traditional format but incorporate variations.  Wonderful ideas.  I also loved your stretches between many of the movements.  Your cueing is inspiring.  I borrowed some of your ideas in my last mat class and it was just what I needed for a fresh approach.  Thanks.
Great flow; thank you so much
Thank you, I had a great work out and had fun too!
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