Oov Rejuvenation Mat
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 4013

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I've been waiting for this to come out Elizabeth!  I will be doing this daily!  Thank you for allowing me to move with you on the Oov!!
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Thank you so much for bringing forth another Oov class! 
I just finished this class and afterwards I laid down on the Oov, legs tabletop and hands on the ribcage and my hips started to shake like mad in the typical oovy shake style. I waited some minutes and let it shake and now my hipjoints feel like new! 
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I have been waiting for this class and it did not disappoint! 

I’d also love to see a class on how to add Oov to reformer workouts.  Thanks!
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oh my god  TANTRIC OOV!  I literally laughed out loud and pounded my mat.  A joy as always.
Honorine, where would we be without humor?!? Love that you joined us in laughing. Thank you so much
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deeelish and deeelightful!
Love Elizabeth's instruction, humor & way with words! Got my Oov groove on- thank you!
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Really good.  I feel great and am new to the Oov!!
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This is now part of my daily routine . I feel that this class is really great for stress and anxiety My Breath feels restored and muscle tension is now relaxed... or ready for more movement...Thank you Elizabeth for adding wonderful new ways to feel rej”oov”inated with the wonderful Oov ! I really appreciate you💝
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Thank you! My low back and hip tightness has eased after this class - love it!

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