VIIT Reformer 4
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 4017

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I ❤️ Elizabeth Larkham!
Thank you very much Dianne for your enthusiasm. (my first name has an'h' but not my last name )
Thanks for the class. It was a good recovery training for me after three days of  running .  
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I love your use of ALL the equipment and I learn so much each time I follow or watch one of your pieces. As someone with 30 years experience I have to say you are a roll model for me still! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Thank you Robin! I admire your dedication to the art, science and practice of Pilates. I’m delighted to be both a roll model and a role model🙏🌹🙏
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Elizabeth Larkam auto correct and typing without glasses ~ but in your case it actually 
Right there with you Robin🤓yes, the word play was too fun to pass up🙃
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Loved it! Thank you Elizabeth and Amy!
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Elizabeth Larkam love this class and the grace and humor you bring to classes! Sequencing is always so thought out and amazing! Thank you!
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