Mindful Flexibility
Tracey Mallett
Class 4117

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I loved this practice - thank you! I would really love if there were more videos like that for beginners with a slower pace.
Enjoyed this a lot! Nice pace and some very effective stretches, thanks! 
Loved it - love all your classes! Thank you. 
Perfect for stretching in the morning. Nice flowing sequences. Thank you. I feel a little bit taller 😜
Always a pleasure your workout! You are my inspiration!
Feels good to do first thing in the morning
Merry Christmas Tracey to you & your family! This was great given we woke up Xmas morning, headed out to meet friends on the mountain and snowshoed 3 hours - what a great socially distanced outdoor event to celebrate the day. Tired and sore, this was great to work out the kinks and get ready for our Christmas meal. 
Wonderful pre bed stretch! 
Thank you, Tracey! The perfect full body stretch that I can do within my baby’s (short!) nap time! Thank you for helping this mama feel rejuvenated :)
Thanks Tracey - did your 20 minute cardio 1st followed by the stretch - awesome! 
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