All You Need is a Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 4132

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Thank you Kristi! Particularly loved the new-to-me stretch after side lying kick - felt really good in tight QLs.  Loved the thumbs up arm movement in dart, too.  Katie
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That was great thanks,  stretching here in NewZealand
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Loved the eye movements too.  Thank you.
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Thank you SO much Kristi 👐 Such an awesome session. 🙏
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Hi Kristi x another fan in New Zealand also x always fun and energetic to train with you - eye circles who would have thought :D  my eye muscles strong and flexible now LOL
I love New Zealand!!! I just hope to actually visit one day! Thank you all (Adrian Debra Nancy Steve Katie) for visiting my garage and letting your eyes get a little 'workout' too! 
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Eyes, eyes, eyes - really loved that. Thank you 🙏 
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Thank you Kristi Cooper  
That felt great on my back ! 
Also loved the pants....where did you get them?
Thank you @Kristi! Love your style! 
Come to visit Italy!
Kristi ..... that was a brilliant class ! Thank you 
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