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Meredith Rogers
Class 4166

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Clemencia Puerta and Magda thank you very much for your sweet feedback!
Suzanne you could try a couple of things...if the hip you are lying on hurts, you could put a small towel under it for some padding.  Alternately, you could try shifting  just forward or backwards of your greater trochanter (the bone on the side of your hip) to see if that helps you balance a bit better.  Lastly, bringing your legs slightly forward of your body may help as well.  Please let me know if any of this helps and keep me updated on your progress!!
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I really enjoyed this basic Pilates class.
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Excellent instructions for this beginner. Thanks so much.
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Thank you, just perfect, so many good little ideas. Very helpful for me as a BASI student.
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I loved your cueing Meredith.  Thank you for a wonderful class!
Single leg circle: can we bend the other leg for a beginner?

Spine stretch flat back/Saw: Can I keep a rolled up towel under my knees or use a roller instead since I get into hyperextended knees if I try to strau=ighten y legs..
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Winnie and I love this class! And she definitely was there with you! So beautifully simple and so challenging. Thank you 🙏🏻 so much Meri. Xx 😘 
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I really enjoyed trying this class. I have been doing Meredith stretch class daily since beginning of lockdown in England and this class is a great progression. Thank you
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