Standing Stretches
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 4175

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Whats the name of the mat used in this video
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Kathy lovely as always!
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One of the best stretch classes  I have taken!
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Love the stretches, splits and towel, all of it awesome, thanks Kathy!
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Love it 🤗
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Most beautiful execution of the ending of the level 3 mat sequence in Peak PIlates's "Stand & Twist/Jump"  (without the jump) I have ever seen.   You are amazing and a real inspiration for all you can do.  You have worked hard and it shows.
Excellent! Great class. Only issue is that some of us genuinely can't do the splits! And never could, even as a tot doing gymnastics!
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Absolutely spectacular! Challenging as a stand-alone class - I already want to do it again after another practice. As someone 3+ years out from a hip replacement, the hip rotations and extensions are exactly what I need. Many thanks!
Just done this class it was so good!  Splits need a little work but as you say your flexibility should be as good as your strength.  
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