Fantastic Foam Roller
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4222

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What a blast -- fun and challenging.  Thanks  Cathleen fro Lucinda in Minnesota. 
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Thank you from the UK Great ideas.
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What a fun class! thank you Cathleen Murakami 
James AHI there and thank you for taking the time to comment.  Much appreciated and so happy you enjoyed!
Teresa L HI Teresa, cheers! As you know, I trained in the UK originally sooo many years ago! So happy you enjoyed.
Marie Silva Thank you, my friend. I'm glad it was a fun time for you!
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Hi from Trinidad and Tobago Cathleen! This was a super fun class I come back to regularly to help mix things up with my clients. Thnks so much for your energy.
John B, thank you! So cool you are in Trinidad/Tobago. Don't you love how we are all so connected?Appreciate your time for commenting...always makes my day!
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Hi Cathleen from the Bay Area! 
I took my first ever Pilates Mat 3 day workshop with you  a LONG time ago...! Seeing you also reminds me of the unforgettable Kristi Rudolph whom i had the pleasure of dancing with. 
What a pleasure to be reminded of how much FUN it is to teach and explore, i had a blast, Thank you!
karen .....omgoodness.....this really struck my heart as Kristi and I were BFs since Seattle in the 80's.  I went to her in Italy when she had her stroke and subsequent cancer diagnosis and then traveled to Seattle twice to be with her on must know her from the Bay area? Please feel free to reach out to me anytime....and thank you for letting me know you danced with her.  She dances in my heart always.....
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