Non-Stop Flow
Mariska Breland
Class 4231

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Hope to see more of your classes Mariska have loved them all - keep well from Australia
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Incredible class thank you Mariana. I loved your fun and interesting variations. It’s an A+ from me.
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Sorry Mariska not Mariana
Kate no worries! I have autocorrected my own name to Mariana when I sign an email! Glad you liked the class. 
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Well the bad news is I ruined my pedicure:(  But the good news is that my hair is too short to wear a pony tail and this was a really great class. I love flows, spinal rotation,  pushups, & side planks.  I had fun & I feel better.  Thanks Again Mariska!  PS. We have something else in common. My name sometimes autocorrects to Mariana too:) 
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Sorry to hear this was the last class of the series. Hope to see many more soon. I always love every bit of  your workouts, your humor and creativity. Thank you Mariska :)))
Thank you for such a fun and challenging class.... I was totally absorbed into my movement which was fantastic to “ get out of my busy head”
A lot of fun and inhabituel moves. Thank you!
Loved this workout, along with the other ones in the series! Please come back and do more classes :)
I set my alarm for every  one of your classes and woke cheerfully knowing I'd be taking class with you.  It´s been a joy since I'd have worn out the cassette if any of your previously recorded PA classes were on tape.  
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