Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown
Lisa Hubbard
Class 430

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Thank you Sonia! I hope you'll try this one in it's entirety
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Perfect flow and creative variations! I really enjoy watching your classes!
Thank you so much Pinar! Heartfelt appreciation :)
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Hi there Lisa. Got word of you through Sondra from BASI (just took a course with her here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). She said I should check out your Rhythm Pilates routines. Fabulous! :o)
Aw! So sweet of Sondra, she's a love. And big thank you for checking out the RP routines, happy you liked!

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SO.MUCH.FUN. Thanks Lisa Hubbard !
Awesome! Thank you so much for taking class with me and for trying something new 💛 Diana
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So cool, please give us some more Rhythm Pilates®, Lisa!
Katia ah, how I love to read comments such as this! So wonderful that you’ve enjoyed these classes, makes my heart very happy! Thank you for sharing with us here! Xx
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