Expansion and Stretch
Gia Calhoun
Class 4328

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AWESOME CLASS.  thank you!
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Very nice!  Nice voice and cues! Great getting back into the reformer class for me.  Thank you!  Grateful!
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Feeling tall and lengthened. Thanks again, Gia.
Are red heavy? medium? light? extra light?   tell us. Do we all have an old Current Concepts reformer. 
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Clear and concise cues!  Great job, Gia.  Thank you.
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Loving your classes in this series!!!
Joan Breibart ~ On the Balanced Body Reformer I used, a Green is heavy, Red is full/medium, Blue is light, and Yellow is very light. Thanks for asking!
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Gia, I am so impressed with your classes. The timing good, cues are right on and I have learned "techniques" from you that I have not heard from other instructors. Keep up the great work! i look forward to taking more classes from you :)
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Thanks so much! I'm loving refinding connections!
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