Beginner Series #6
Niedra Gabriel
Class 433

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Niedra, you are a great instructor, as you not only helped each person to do exercises properly, but encourage them to help each other. Great classes. Thank you.
Great beginner workout! Thanks demonstrating so many great modifications for the partner idea for teaching the roll-up.

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I've liked the beginner series up until this one. Partner work is really not applicable for online.
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Niedra, I love your beginner series and it great to see your cue's to help beginners get the chist of the exercise. I feel this class is great for teachers to learn modifications but it is not good for just clients who want to practise themselves, as Erin mentions. I look forward to seeing the rest of the beginners series.
Fabulous class. Thx Niedra. Good to help clients isolate and go deeper into the most important places, specially for beginners. I have started a beginners class, and this is so helpful!
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really not a good class for people doing this online. partner work should be in it's own separate section. loving this series though, hopefully no more partner work.
That's it for the partner work in this series gleddy. Thanks for the input.
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Oops, I wasn't ready to need the band... don't have one, need to look up what one is or if I can do without. It doesn't seem like this one fits right after lesson #5. Maybe lesson #5 should say that before you move to 5, you need a band, and preferably a partner?
I vote for more partner work and/or demos on assisting your client with exercises. It was very helpful to see Neidre's ideas...perhaps a workshop? I also love the idea of partner Pilates if Neidre wants to develop that :)
Rosalind, think 3-6 feet. I'd go longer to be on the safe side.
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