Build On Your Practice
Maria Leone
Class 4342

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Thank you Maria. Absolutely loved this class. Weaving in the transitions... the repetition, so satisfying & full. Thank you for sharing your practice. Gorgeous :) 
Very enjoyable, challenging! I haven’t practiced yoga so found some transitions challenging for hips and knees.  Thanks for something very different.
thank you Maria Leone ! I love how your class flows so naturally. I felt my body so much during this class. wonderful
That was marvellous! Thank you! I will revisit it often!
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I think I must be getting old.  I found the speed of the cues and movement too fast to be able to keep good form so had to skip bits!  I loved the challenges in-between though!
Maria , it was been such a beautiful class! I'm searching new Pilates routine class, and yours it was been what I want. Thank's so much

Ah that was truly wonderful!! Thank you for moving us like that :)
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Incredible class, thank you!! What an amazing all-round workout, and it was super clever choreography. 
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Just loved this. I’ll do this whole series asap xxxxx
Katherine S Thank you for the feedback!

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