Defy Gravity
Viktor Uygan
Class 4368

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Lavina M I feel the same way about what Pilates Anytime provides not only motivational live events but also recordings that we can go back and move on our own time. Happy to hear you enjoyed my class and thank you for moving with me
Hi Etaine it takes time to master book openings, remember to look down in the begging that should help you a lot. I am also happy to hear you enjoyed the Lizard, I found it very useful for the shoulder as well as the lover back relief. Thank you for moving with me!! 🙏🏻 
Hi Gary M beyond excited to hear you thought my class was fun and you enjoyed my challenging interesting moves!! Thank you for want it to see me more and my feelings are mutual!! Can't wait to be back and share with you my passion for the movement. 
Hi Nuanpong T so happy to hear you find my class challenging and fantastic. Thank you for moving with me 🙏🏻
Rebecca M so happy to hear you were able to try all my classes in my "Evolution for your Resolution" series and you loved them all. Thank you for moving with me 🙏🏻
Yarin M as always I am honored to hear kind words from such a good mover/teacher as your self 🙏🏻I am so happy to hear I am not the only one who likes the way I approach movement 🤣Thank you for moving with me
Kata V I am happy you also find this class fantastic and continue moving with me 🙏🏻
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Argie B είστε πολύ ευπρόσδεκτοι 😊so happy to hear you thought my class was wonderful and Thank you for moving with me!!! 🙏🏻
Dear Victor, I just completed the series and what a fantastic experience. So well structured, challenging mentally and physically. Loved it all. Your recovery transitions are especially helpful. Thanks again and I hope there are many more to come.
Love this awesome series, thanks Viktor! 😊🙌
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