Beginner Series #8
Niedra Gabriel
Class 442

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I have been following your series after being away from Pilates for way too long. You are such a wonderful teacher, and believe me I have had many good ones! You use such great cues and clearly really have great insight into what people need to hear. Thank you for helping me to reconnect! I have made a Playlist with lots of your classes; some day I hope to take a class in person.
HI Nancy, I am so happy you are back doing Pilates and anjoying the basic series - I always consider the secret to advanced work are in the basics, so enjoy the classes, keep enjoying the process of learning and the great part is that there is always more to learn.
I teach internationally so drop me a line at if you wanted my "live' schedule of events.
Niedra, I am a big fan of your classes. You are an excellent teacher. I really appreciate the way you layer one movement on top of another to build up the skill.

But, I'm still unable to do a roll up, not to mention no chance when it comes to a teacher. I notice there's a flat part of my lower back that I can't loosen up even in the rolling exersizes. Any suggestions?
Hi Kate, One suggestion I have is hooking your feet under a chest of drawers, holding onto your knees, and rolling down very slowly till you get to the stiff inflexible part and literally rock and little down, and rock and little up to soften up the hard muscles and structure. Try visualizing the area getting more flexible. also check that you are elongating your stomach while doing this.
I hope this helps
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Thank you Niedra for your excellent guidance. after struggling with Teaser, thinking I would never be able to do it...I had success today. I was thrilled :)))
YAY!!! congratualtions. it is always exciting to master something - keep up the good work.
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