Building Your Foundation
Amy Havens
Class 4443

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I loved this class.  I always benefit when going back to basics.  Looking forward to the series.
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Thank you, Amy! Great re-introduction to my Stability Chair. Can’t wait for the rest of this series!
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Thank you Amy, for this lovely class! Svitlana
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Dear Amy, thank you for this wonderful fundamental class! I am a big fan of the Wunda Chair and I am happy I have one at home...😉 Your way of cueing and explaining everything is so outstanding good, that I get always a better idea what I am doing even I have done some of the exercises before!!!i I am looking forward to the next classes!!! 🙂
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Hi Amy
What a great introduction to the chair, such a good range of movements for any client.  Looking forward to the next one, thank you.
Hi Amy! I just want to say that I LOVE that you called this Mer-person. I am a women dating a non-binary person. I have plenty of trans friends who are non-binary. They would appreciate being a mer-person more than a mermaid, so I may use that when teaching them. Thank you for being sensitive to gender neutrality in your teaching. 

And just to add, teaching with gender neutrality DOES NOT alter the original work. Also, my partner, clients and friends who do not abide by gender binaries or female pronouns are not "crazies of the outside" as implied by another person's comment earlier. They are humans, like us, very part of this world and they are welcome into this Pilates sphere anytime. I appreciate making this a welcome space for them and for us all, to move and breathe.
Really brilliant to help me get re-acquainted with my chair - thanks so much Amy!
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Thank you Amy!
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Finally found the time to do this class. Loved all the Scoopy  abdominal work! Can’t wait for the next! So nice to see you! 
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Thank you Amy- this is a wonderful introduction to the wunda chair. I especially love how these exercises are directly connected to the other equipment and the mat work. It’s great for clients to feel how the same movements can be interpreted across different apparatus. Thank you for the series- I look forward to the next one!
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