Building Your Foundation
Amy Havens
Class 4443

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hi Amy 
Thank you, I really enjoyed the lesson, the way you explain the subject of breathing and the gradation of the exercises
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Loved the class. Your teaching is so grounding and positive. Thanks Amy!
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This was just what I needed on a Monday morning. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
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Hi Emma, thank you so such generous & contagious ways of teaching, one can really tell you love Pilates…
Thank you so much Corinna S Susan S Inma F !!!  Hope you all tune in for the full series of three classes!
Lynzi D Dana M Svitlana D Jutta Julie V Stephanie L thank you all so much for your feedback on this first of three Wunda Chair classes!
Louisa Harris Meg Connie M Patti S  I appreciate all of your comments and so happy you're gaining new or clarified insights with your Chair work!!
Talia A Beverly L John Marston Antonio G thank you all so much for taking the time to leave your comments for me.  I've pleased that this first class in the series is feeling good for you.  Hope to see you in class 2 and 3, and keep doing all of them!  The chair is such great work for everyone!!
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I just got a chair for my home studio and your class is so very helpful to be reacquainted with that piece of apparatus, thank you Amy!🌷
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Thanks for the thoughtful cues and nice and slow moving class. Love your teaching!
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