Releasing Lower Body
James Crader
Class 4462

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Loving this series, James! It is really opening up my mind to see movement in such a bigger picture. Thank you!!!
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I love love love this.  James thank you for the weird and the honesty in movement.  I am very inspired and I felt immediate changes in my body.  
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... this is  inspiring for me ... thank you 👍🇩🇰 
Jennifer E Thank you! I'm so glad you're finding the material interesting & relevant
Julianna C Thank you! Honesty & weird are my comfort zones. Ha!
Dorthe V Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. 
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James, that “lifting from the pubic bone” changed my life! I have been dealing with a hamstring injury and this idea immediately let go of the tension there. I was back dancing on stage this week (first time in a year!), and I felt great after, largely due to playing with your ideas in this series. Sending so much gratitude to you🙏🏻
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Also loved this emphasis on the pubic bone and constant reminders to have a conversation with my sit bones.... another brilliant session.. Thank you James 
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A very interesting class.I felt at first reluctant to try one of the classes of this series, but then I've learn new things, new ways of interacting with my body. I like to explore new ways of thinking and moving. Fortunately, I'm curious! If I can feel in my body, I can teach it. As an instructor, I find that just being exposed to different cues is so helpful. The head in the middle between the pubic bone and the sacrum is a simple yet effective cue. Thank you.
Aubrey  That's amazing! I'm so glad it was valuable for you. Thank you for sharing. 
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